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Frequently asked questions:


What is a beginner award?


The beginner award allows you to umpire within the league where you took the award or where allows the award to be taken. In MKINL you can umpire division 3 and 2 with this award.


How long is the beginner award valid for?


The beginner award is valid for 4 years.  After the 4 years you must retake the award when it will continue to be valid for a further 4 years (Totalling 8 years). After the 8 year period you must progress onto a C award course.


Can I do my C award without having done my beginners award?


Yes, as long as you have attended a C award training course you are eligible to take your test


How often will tests/ courses take place?


The County umpiring secretary will run courses at various points in the year, if the minimum number of applicants is not reached then we will aim to reschedule the course for a future date.  

Tests will be organised in correspondence with the leagues and interest. For a test to be organised we must have 2 umpires awaiting tests, dates will be arranged to suit the matches available to umpire and the availability of testers.

MKINL will be running forums which qualified and unqualified umpires are welcome to attend to help improve understanding, offer support and share ideas/guidance.


Are you ready to take you test?


Have you attended an AENA umpiring course and received a certificate number?

Have you practiced umpiring and are at a competent level to take the test?

Test Application forms


These can be located below




Practice Sample Papers


These can be located on the England Netball Webpage





If you are having trouble with any of the above links, all forms can be found on the All England Website, under the 'Officiating' page



Practice Sample Papers www.englandnetball.co.uk

Other Relevant Information


About The Test:


Tests can be conducted anywhere within the County on a suitable game, this includes weekends.


Unfortunately due to the way tests need to be conducted you are not able to request the date of your test.  This is due to the organising of venues, suitable matches and availability of test umpires (There is only one in North Bucks currently and two awaiting further approval so please be patient.)


The tests consist of a practical observation of your ability to umpire a match, along with a written test.


MKINL and AENA Rules for umpiring:


You must attend an umpiring course prior to your test (AENA requirement.)

• The beginners umpiring award is valid for 4 years, after 4 years you can retake

     the test; this will qualify you for a further 4 years.


After a total of 8 years you no longer hold the Beginners award you must then progress on attend a C award umpiring course and apply to take the C award test. (AENA requirement.)


Umpiring Summer league:


As of Summer 2008 it is a MKINL requirement that all practicing umpires who are running the line must:


• Have previously been on an umpiring course

• Only run the line with a qualified umpire


Although this may not always been convenient it is there to help the learning umpire to develop their skills and be supported by qualified umpires.

It helps to ensure a good standard and also maintain safe levels of health and safety.



Umpiring Code of Conduct:




Umpiring beginerTest Application

Course Application forms


This can be located below



Umpiring Course Application Umpiring Code of Conduct Beginner+Award+application+form CAwardPracticalApplicationForm Rule Interpretation - Penaulty set with a player substitution MKINL Age Limitations

Umpiring Courses

C Award Umpiring Course


The next  C Award Umpiring Course in Bucks is coming up on 9th September 2017 from 9am-3pm at Amersham School.


For more information and booking details please visit: https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/netball-event/c-award-umpire-course-11/



Other Officiating Courses

England Netball website for Officiating details - https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/make-the-game/officiating/

Officiating Pathway

Fancy becoming an umpire?

Why not take a look at the England Netball Officiating Pathway and select the next step for you.


Please contact the MKINL Umpiring Secretary Audrey Castle for further information mkinlumpiringsecretary@gmail.com


Link - https://www.facebook.com/mkinl/photos/a.683458991712935.1073741826.171066639618842/1481866288538864/?type=3&theater